Premium-Partners in alphabetical order:

Gerold Wirnitzer
Gerold WirnitzerFounder of adventureV & change2V
„Concerned athletes, disconcerted by conflicting information and reports in the media, often turn to adventureV and change2V with questions about nutrition and to ask for help and advice. As a former performance athlete I am particularly pleased to support this important study, which is investigating the connexion between nutrition and running performance. I am convinced that the results obtained by the team of researchers will provide new answers and represent milestones in the world of sport and nutrition. This new knowledge will be fed direct into our work.“
Patricia Tricker
Patricia TrickerMCIL, Cert Ed (FE), Cert HE - Translator
„I am delighted to support this important study since I believe strongly that being vegan is essential for the benefit of people, animals and the environment.“
Jörg Ferchlandt
Jörg FerchlandtProprietor of Ferchlandt Marketing
„I can’t live without sport – preferably out of doors! As a keen amateur runner (from 10km up to marathon, whether over a scenic country route (Weiltalweg marathon in the Taunus National Park in Germany) or in a city (Havana, Cuba), triathlete and skier (off-piste & touring), both sport and nutrition are important to me. Being the first and so far only scientific study of this kind in this field, the NURMI Study is expected to reveal some important findings. I am very pleased to help with the study. I am supporting the communication aspect of the NURMI Study so that as many athletes as possible will participate and give the study a broad basis.“
Dipl.-Ing. Christoph Lechleitner
Dipl.-Ing. Christoph LechleitnerCEO of ITEG IT-Engineers Gmbh
„We at ITEG IT-Engineers are busy sportsmen and love good cuisine – an obvious no-brainer motivation to support NURMI-study with our IT skills. ITEG stands for robustness, reliability and durabililty, characteristics that are just as important for long-distance runners. Therefore we are supporting NURMI with customized software solutions, professional hosting and individual consulting and maintain formidable web applications dependably.“
Renato Pichler
Renato PichlerChairman of swissveg
„Top vegan athletes constantly perform at the highest levels. Yet the public misconception that ‘meat gives strength’ is still widespread. Swissveg therefore welcomes this scientific study, which is investigating the connexion between diet and performance in an interdisciplinary way.“
Sebastian Zösch
Sebastian ZöschChief Executive of VEBU
“Vegetarian and vegan diets and health-promoting sport are now equally mainstream. This study’s interdisciplinary approach means that it promises to shed light on the connexion between nutrition and sporting ability. Many vegetarian and vegan performance athlete have already been achieving impressive successes for a long time. VEBU supports the plans of the international team of experts to investigate the scientific basis of this ability.”
Britta Becker
Britta BeckerFounder of VEGAN FILM
„I am convinced that the NURMI Study can contribute to sweeping away many prejudices against a plant-based diet. In addition the results of the study can help to optimize the individual diets of sports(wo)men as far as obtaining sufficient nutrients is concerned in order to guarantee optimum performance. It’s great that a scientific study on the subject has been set up. Therefore as a camera operator and film maker I am supporting the NURMI Study with a crowdfunding and publicity video.“
Mag. Felix Hnat
Mag. Felix HnatChairman of VGÖ
“Covering three separate disciplines (medicine, nutrition and sports science), this study is unique in being so scientific. We therefore welcome it and give it our full support. The results will finally show how nutrition (vegan, vegetarian or omnivorous) affects sporting performance.”